Free Shipping On All 6 Packs of 17 oz. Honey!

Welcome to the Raw Honey Store!

Browse through our store and choose from a variety of 6 types of bottled honey, each of them unfiltered and unheated – exactly as it was spun straight out of the honey comb. No industrial processing, no additives, no losing any of the pollen and propolis that give natural honey medicinal value and a unique texture, color and flavor.

All our honey is single sourced from our own hives, which means we are able to control the types of flowers each bottle of honey is drawn from. You can choose raw honey drawn only from the nectar of blueberries, wild flowers, cranberries, clover or orange blossoms. Each type of honey is pure and natural, with a feel and flavor unique to its source flower.

You can buy all our natural honey in single bottles or you can take a bargain 6-pack of one or several flower flavors. Or you can take a 20 pound bulk pack. While you are at it, you can also choose between 1, 2 and 5 pound blocks of filtered beeswax.