What is Raw Honey?

And why is it better than processed honey?

Raw honey tastes better because it retains more of the flavor and aroma of honey in the comb.
  • Raw honey is extracted from the honeycomb without heat or filtration, and packaged immediately, thus capturing all the flavor and aroma of honey in a jar.
  • Raw honey may contain beeswax or pollen from nectar collection and always contains enzymes placed there by the bees as they ripen the honey.
  • Raw honey is liquid when extracted but may become semi-solid through a natural process called granulation or crystallization.

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What is Crystallization?

Most raw honey will crystallize over time and has no bearing on its quality. Crystallization is in fact an attribute of pure and natural honey. Crystallized honey is not spoiled. Crystallization preserves the flavor and aroma of the honey.

  • Crystallization occurs when the glucose component of honey solidifies due to its lower solubility in the water element of honey.
  • Crystallization occurs faster in raw honey due to the presence of particles of wax and pollen, which serve as nucleus catalysts for crystallization.
  • Most of the time raw honey bottled immediately after extraction is crystallized when it reaches the grocery shelf.


What is "Authentic" Raw Honey?

Authentic Raw

  • The most “authentic” form of raw honey is honey in the comb. Due to the complexities involved in producing marketable quantities of comb honey, beekeepers invented a way cut through the wax capping on the honeycomb produced by the bees when the honey is “ripe’, and remove the liquid honey by placing the honeycombs in a centrifuge called an extractor. Raw honey is always liquid when extracted
  • When extracted honey is allowed to settle at temperatures less than 104 degrees F. larger beeswax particles and hive debris settle out and are removed. Almost all raw honey will granulate following extraction. Granulation or solidification is a natural condition of raw honey
  • The conditions which result in an “authentic” form of raw honey are best controlled by beekeepers themselves. At Crystal’s we produce the honeys we sell and have enough bees to maintain a supply of truly authentic raw honey for our customers and we are small enough to control the temperature of our honey.
  • Due to the popularity and demand for unprocessed foods in general, there is increasing interest in “raw” honey by larger honey packing facilities along with “ big box” food retailers. Large honey packing facilities purchase and store many truckload quantities of honey which require elevated temperatures and some degree of filtration to package these products efficiently which is why these honeys are offered as raw at lower prices but at the expense of the conditions necessary allow an authentic or truly raw product.
  • For more info on the essence of authentic raw honey please refer to the articles appearing in Bee Culture, Sept. 2015 Unheated and Unfiltered / Consider Giving Raw Honey A Try This Season by Ross Conrad, and Bee Culture /Nov. 2017 Raw Honey or Raw Deal by Katherine Kiefer.
  • Crystal's Honey

    Why choose Crystal’s Raw Honey?

    At Crystal's Honey, we ARE the beekeepers who harvest the honey from our bees and bottle the honey at our farms.
    • As food becomes globally sourced, knowing the origin of the foods we eat becomes important.
    • Much of the honey we produce is aster and goldenrod: two distinct floral sources which are LOCAL in just about all of the Eastern United States.
    • Crystal’s Honey offers six varieties of honey, based on floral source. This results in distinct flavors and aromas, revealing the essence of these unique species.

    "What do I do with another jar of honey?"

    It's OK to own more than one jar of honey at a time!

    Here is what to do with the jar of honey you already have so you will put it on your list to buy another jar of honey...
    and another... and another and another...

    What is "Authentic" Raw Honey?



  • Put honey in your tea - hot or cold - black, green, or white.
  • Put honey in your coffee in the morning.
  • Put honey on your ice cream at night.
  • Put honey in your chai.
  • Put honey on your toast, or on your cereal.
  • Make a trench in your cream cheese on the bagel and add honey.
  • Be Greek - put it in your plain yogurt.
  • Any time of the day or night.
  • Make a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch.
  • If you use Crystal's All Natural honey, you won't have to eat over the kitchen sink, because this honey stays where you put it!
  • Mix Orange Blossom honey with room temperature sour cream and pout on sliced strawberries, bananas, or other fruit for a mysteriously delicious dessert, whipped cream optional.
  • Eat honey by the teaspoon out of the jar - it beats commercially produced corn syrup based candy, hands down. It satisfies instantly - ask your resident Pooh Bear!
  • Put out sliced apples, sliced cheddar cheese, walnuts and honey for an after school snack.
  • Mash an orange around on the table, cut a hole in one end, stab the knife around inside, being careful NOT to puncture the skin, pour in some Crystal's Cranberry or Crystal's Wildflower and hand it to your kid for an after school snack. They will suck all the juice out, and then eat it all except for the peel. Have one yourself. It's the Original Chewable Vitamin C!