Pure Beeswax 2lb Blocks

Pure Beeswax 2lb Blocks

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Product Description

Our filtered beeswax is a valuable hive product with many uses. The filtering is done to remove any honey and pollen that the bees may have left behind! As with many natural products, the color of the beeswax can vary from pale yellow to butterscotch. This color change is a result of the different flowers and pollen gathered by bees. No hive will be exposed to identical conditions from year to year, and as a result there are fluctuations in wax color. Suggested uses for our beeswax include candle making and skin care products. Many also purchase it to use as an ingredient in their own furniture polish. Also, please be careful when melting beeswax. Take proper precautions and avoid heating over an open flame. Beeswax is highly flammable and also subject to color changes if too much heat is applied.