Pure Beeswax by the Pound

Pure Beeswax by the Pound

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Product Description

Our filtered beeswax is a valuable hive by product with countless uses. The 1 pound block is an ideal size when making a small quantity of skin care products, including lip balm and hand cream. The wax retains a very mild and sweet fragrance throughout filtration. The wax is cleaned to remove the impurities, honey and pollen, mixed into the wax by the bees themselves. The appearance of the wax can vary, ranging from pale yellow to medium brown. This color change happens in response to the different nectar and pollen the bees were able to forage and bring back to the hive. Beeswax is very flammable, so please take proper precautions when melting. This would include using an electric burner, a double boiler, and or having a fire extinguisher nearby. Also, please do not leave melting beeswax unattended.
1-19      $8.99
20-49     8.49
50+   $7.99

This pricing is based of single lb molding.  if you are looking for low price bulk wax please check out our 10lb and 20lb wax.  Both have free shipping