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An offering from the Splendid Bee Company, LLC
Bella Bee School Intro Course is for beginning beekeepers. It is where aspiring beekeepers can learn the basics of back yard beekeeping. Course is affiliated with third-generation Beekeepers with decades of experience. The school is taught in a unique setting – an actual working bee farm and will have text book guidance as well as hands on sessions. The course will guide the student through a series of course work which includes textbook reading and hands on workshops that aid the 1st year beekeeper in bee identification, bee activity and hive health, common diseases and treatments and key to healthy bee supplements. This school is part of a family run business and collaboration between The Splendid Bee Company and Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Inc.
Students by the end of this course will
  • Understand all equipment needed for backyard beekeeping and where to purchase
  • Understand correct protective gear needed for beekeeping and where to purchase
  • Understand hive placement and identify key location for your 5 Frame Nuc
  • Understand Bee life cycle basics – bee behavior, nutritional needs and nectar flow calendar
  • Understand the common diseases of North American Honey Bee
  • Understand Treatments for such diseases in the context of where to purchase
  • Understand how to install and manage a 5 Frame Nuc through the 1st and 2nd years of beekeeping
    Beekeeping Bootcamp
    Learn the basics of beekeeping in a weekend. Sign up by paying on line and email which weekend you are signing up for. You can also call Bella Bee Co 617.513.0334. The course is only 1 weekend and it includes both Sat/Sun. Our sessions include (choose only one weekend)
  • Bootcamp 1: 4/29-4/30 (9am – 4pm)
  • Bootcamp 2: 5/6-5/7 (9am – 4pm)
  • You may view the Course Syllabus by visiting
    Merrimack Valley Apiaries
    96 Dudley Rd
    Billerica, Ma 01821
    Bella Bee School will be held in the small house to the left at 96 Dudley Rd. You will see the signs showing you how to get to the school. Turn into the large parking lot and you will see the signs. Park near the small building.
    Course Costs: $125.00 Here's what's included:
  • Bootcamp Style: In a Condensed timeline all important aspects of backyard beekeeping will be covered in 1 Weekend – choose the bootcamp option. After paying on line email to final confirm which bootcamp session you are signed up for.
  • Course Book: "Beekeeping for Dummies" by Howland Backliston (Paperback)
  • Beekeeping Calendar: Monthly break down of tasks for a full calendar year of beekeeping
  • Here's what's NOT included but will need to be purchased by the 1st class.
    Our recommendations include:
  • Beekeeping Equipment: Hive bodies, frames, hive tool, bee brush, bee treatments, spray bottle.
  • Nuc Hive or Package of Bees
  • You will also to purchase separately:
  • Smoker Fuel
  • Bee Feeder: you will need to feed your bees!!
  • Beekeeping Apparel: You will need a Bee Suit.
  • Please visit for links to purchase these items.

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